Quality Policy

Our focus and commitment

The word “quality” is often used as a comparative to distinguish us from our competitors. However, first and foremost, for us the term stands for a commitment to produce and deliver a product that meets the requirements, expectations and needs of our customers, conforming to the agreed conditions and time scales.
The term, whose real meaning is frequently sidelined in favour of commercial considerations, does not mean that adopting a quality policy will make us better than our competitors. We all create quality, but with different levels and, above all, different end goals. A quality procedure manual is not just a folder to be filed neatly away on the shelf of an office and dusted down when the auditors come. There is no point in having the manual unless its procedures are compatible with a necessary capacity to react and are applied and improved on a daily basis.

At TOOLS CORRUGATED, S.L., we make a clear distinction between the specific quality procedure for our processes and the commercial aspect and marketing material with no real substance.

For us:

  • Quality is a constant part of how we work, together with a respect for real and effective checks that help to maintain and conserve it. The price of neglecting this procedure is a higher rate of non-conformities and the accompanying direct and indirect costs.
  • Our business is based on the ability to work towards improving the relationship between the product, its quality and price and the service we provide. The price of failing to adhere to with this relationship is a loss of market share.

For us, improving quality is not only about improving the product, but also about improving working methods to make it possible to achieve reliability levels approaching 100% for our products.

At TOOLS CORRUGATED, S.L., the improvement of quality really is subject to continuous improvement, continuous training, sound common sense, and permanent investment in our workforce and resources. Under this concept of improvement, creativity gives rise to creation, from which innovation is born.

Quality also means quality of life, which translates into respecting human beings and their environment. We have a number of initiatives in place to improve working conditions and safety, and preserve the planet for future generations.

Our actions and approaches aim to show it is possible to be profitable in the industry in which we operate (the bottom line for any business), while looking after our stakeholders and the environment, not just because there is a legal obligation to do so but also because of personal and human convictions.

In the past, we wrote down what we did, today we follow what we have written down and continuously improve what we do so that what we write tomorrow will be in line with the requirements of the market and show respect for the world around us.

Improvement is an ongoing process: self-criticism and curiosity are fundamental principles that are extremely important in making our production processes more reliable and adapting our responses and analysis to the needs and expectations of our customers.

Supported by the ISO 9001 quality standard, we have a commitment to respecting this policy to achieve quality in our products, human beings and the environment. All our staff contribute by sharing a dynamic, positive outlook and constructive criticism. The policy is communicated to our staff and we ensure they understand it. It is also subject to continuous review to ensure it is fit for purpose.

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